An immigrant visa is a paper released by the Canadian Government that permits an individual to take a trip to Canada and look for admission as a legal permanent resident. Typically, people wanting to move completely to Canada seek for an Immigrant Visa The visa represents consent to go into Canada for an indefinite period of time, and also can be based on work, household partnership, service financial investment, or various other ties to Canada.

Different methods to get an Immigrant Visa:

Conventional Refugee Political Asylum:

An applicant can request an application forĀ latest immigration rules political asylum in Canada, if that individual has a well founded fear of mistreatment due to his/her religious beliefs, race, nationality, subscription of a certain social team and political opinion. If the individual can offer proof of such factor for why they cannot go back to their residence country or cannot get security from their country, after that they have a highly likely possibility of successfully achieving an Immigrant Visa.

Live-in-Caregiver Nanny or Domestic assistance:

The function of this program was to fulfill the lack of residential aid in Canada. Under this program the job license can be acquired by following the below stated procedure:

  • Obtaining work deal from the possible employer in Canada.
  • Employer needs to make an application for approval of sponsorship in Canada.
  • On authorization of sponsorship, the applicant needs to make an application for work consent to the Canadian immigration office.
  • This application can be made by the candidate while in Canada or out of Canada.
  • The job authorization is issued to the applicant for a period of 2 years. After the expiry of that time the person can make an application for permanent immigration to Canada.


A candidate can use under this class if he/she gets wed in Canada while on a temporary visa in Canada.

Humanitarian or on Compassionate Ground:

A candidate can use under this class on the basis that if visa is not released, the applicant will suffer unnecessary challenges.

Standard Programs that enable people to come in to Canada as a Permanent Resident:

Business Immigration Program:

This program looks for to magnetize the skilled service people to Canada who are expected to invest, own or take care of organization in Canada and contribute to Canadian economy.

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