Use pogo pin to test your circuits fast and accurately

If you are looking for probe pin to test the circuits you designed or to test connection between the circuits then you can find right pin from tts group. Circuits are the essential part of electronics product to produce results expected. As like designing is crucial and difficult task of designer the testing of that designed circuit has same scale of weight playing in bringing out output.

If you own production unit then toughest and time consuming task to delay or stop production is testing department. So how can you solve your problems? Just need to build test fixture using pogo pin or pin holder in circuits. It makes easy your test process and increase productions.

pogo pin

How about finding probe pin?

It cannot be said that all pogo pins will be suitable for all purpose. Each and every circuits and components are designed with specific features like working conditions with certain power, frequency, voltage, current and resistance. For every matching condition there is need for probe pins. Don’t worry tts group provides pin with different specification and sizes. List of available pins are high power probe with different head type, high frequency probe, wiping probe, Kelvin probe, WLCSP probe and tubeless probe. You may require fine probe pin in testing at fabrication stage, you can use wlcsp probe in that case, Kelvin probe to test temperature of components, a non contact probe.

Confirm your circuits output with pogo pin to improve production or to complete your new design.