warhol artWhich Andy Warhol posters would you chooses for your apartment requested an artsy-creative 20-year-old friend of mine in response; got a list of Warhol’s posters that had not given much notice before. Oh yes, that AND a fun discussion of art and Indie music and generational profiles. In any case, my student friend’s Andy Warhol poster collections are top-notch. He demonstrates excellent taste flavor which is, in his own words, both mainstream and diverse. So, without further ado, here is Cool Young Friend’s List of Must-Have Andy Warhol Posters. Created in to be Part of a children’s art exhibition, Four Monkeys is really a set of miniature paintings, of all the Andy Warhol posters available, this is possibly best for a child’s room.

¬†Inspired by Warhol’s own memories of small wind-up toys When Four Monkeys was exhibited, the paintings were carefully hung in a child’s eye level and upon a silver fish wallpaper background Warhol himself had made. Had never noticed this one before, believe it or not had seen some of Warhol’s other sunset prints with the giant sun in the middle. This one is so intriguing, with the collection of rectangles framing the fundamental bits in the article. Love it Terrific choice for a bedroom would you have your own Warhol Beethoven with blue face or red face Well, you can have personally favor the blue-faced Beethoven of both of these small 11 x 14 prints, even though I have not the slightest idea why.

This one is available regrettably not in any Andy Warhol posters collection that knows of but at a gale print version. It is a visually stunning feast of colors, typography, and shapes. Yes, yes am different. And to prove it and turn the question back on the rest of the world, have a leading Warhol Are You Different gale print on the wall. Fun fact: Warhol introduced this ad-inspired painting as a present to Sly Stallone in It is true he actually did. Is not it tough to envision Stallone having enough of a sense of irony to enjoy this completely but maybe have underestimated Rambo In any event, it is terrific for people who prefer the more ironic of the Andy Warhol posters. My buddy says any of them, but is saying the really sultry andy warhol endangered species on the red background is unbeatable. It blazes in any area. There is really no Commentary needed with this one. Take that back: the 1 comment must make is that actually cannot imagine being sad or grumble in an area where this was hanging.

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