A quick update on Iver

Starting next week, I’ll likely be posting more updates here. For now, I can tell you that Iver is doing very well. He is off of the IV he was on for the first 10 days and is solely on breast milk now (provided by the NICU). He had lost 60g in his first week but has since been putting on weight and is now 40g above his birth weight. He is 2 pounds and 14.74 ounces now! (1325g) and drinking 26ml every 3 hours.

Thank you all for your continued support. Your comments and words of support have helped immensely during this incredibly emotional time in my life.

Take care,

Dylan (and Iver)


  1. Sam’s avatar

    It is good to hear that Iver is getting the help he needs. You and the baby Iver should be proud of the mom and the community. I wish you two all the best.


  2. Irene’s avatar

    I can’t find words to describe how much touched I was after I had read your story. You are a wonderful dad and your wife was a great mother. With Iver your wife will still be a part of your life. It is so sad that she can’t share this miracle with you and that she won’t be a part of his life. But you are a great daddy with a wonderful heart. I wish you all the best and I hope that Iver will grow fast so that he can go home with you.

    Love, from Austria Irene


  3. Fiona’s avatar

    Hi Dylan :) Thank you so much for sharing updates of your precious baby boy!! You’re an amazing Daddy… And obviously your beautiful wife Robyn was a wonderful Mummy too <3 Much love from my family here in Australia to you & little Iver. You're both so very lucky to have each other XXX.


  4. Zed’s avatar

    Baby Iver (and yourself) are never far from my thoughts. We had a 29 weeker 15 months ago who is now a bubbly, caring, determined toddler. I cannot imagine however, what you are going through, given your particular circumstances. I wish you both all the very best.


  5. George’s avatar

    Dear Iver and Dylan.

    I’m proud of you Iver. Continues to grow strongly and the love of your father. All day I pray for Iver and Dylan.

    God bless you. The forces of the universe will accompany Iver.


  6. Missy’s avatar

    Bless you! I am sure your wife would have fully supported your choice to do whatever it took to save your son. You have my prayers. God bless! Best wishes from Washington State ~ Missy


  7. jenn’s avatar

    Just saw the newest pic on Facebook of Iver with clothes on for the first time. He is so precious and looks fabulous with or without clothes on. He is doing so well, gaining like he is . You have all the right to be a proud papa today and everyday.


  8. Barbara Parker Welch’s avatar

    Please keep giving us updates on you both. I am so sorry that you have lost Robyn but I am sure that Iver will keep you busy. Please remember to dance with and through the pain in your heartmindsoul as it will leave you with the memories and happiness of Robyn. I’ve been keeping an eye on you two from Ontario and I look forward to hearing about him and how he grows…always!! With much love, Barbara and Family xo


  9. Carmen’s avatar

    I follow you and Iver since I heard the news. I am very happy to hear that Iver is healthy and going forward. I hope to continue reading updates of your little man gaining weight and growing healthy. I send you both all my love and strength from Spain. C.


  10. Nanaimo Mama’s avatar

    I have been following you and Iver’s story, thank you for the update- so nice to hear how well the little guy is doing! He’s a tiny little miracle. He’s got such strength already it’s so amazing! All the best to you Dylan and Iver and hoping with such progress you two will be home before you know it! *hugs*


  11. jenn’s avatar

    Way to go Iver. He has done well to be up from his birthweight already. So good that he is tolerating the breastmilk well and is taking a good amount for a tiny guy. Thank you for updating, both of you are never far from my thoughts.Look forward to the next update and hope you are having a bit of time for yourself through all this. Iver truly is loved and prayed for from around the whole world.


  12. Sue’s avatar

    Thanks for the update and the darling photo. Keep those grams coming little man.


  13. Jaye’s avatar

    So, SO happy to hear this. I have been loading your website here in London, ON every day since I first heard about you three. Lots of love and strength!


  14. ShihTzuMom’s avatar

    I too have been following your life story. What an incredibly heart-warming picture of little Iver’s hand, wrapped around your finger. That tiny hand holds not only his heart, but his mother’s heart as well. They are both with you, one in a beautiful spirit form, one in the flesh. Each loving you & surrounding you, with their love. I’m sure you can feel it all around you & I hope that gives you strength every day & allows you to smile through the sadness knowing that you are so incredibly loved.

    I will continue to read your posts & hopefully be able to offer advice or a smile when you need it ♥

    God Bless you & that adorable little man.


  15. cochrane family’s avatar

    I’ve been following your story. Iver is so lucky to have such an amazing daddy and an incredibly strong and loving mother. I think of you guys often.

    Hugs from Kentucky :)


  16. Brenda’s avatar

    Thinking of you each day from London On. Thank you for the update.


  17. Shares’s avatar

    Such a precious little one! Glad to hear Iver is doing well. Our thoughts are with you from Manitoba.


  18. Carol’s avatar

    Dear Dylan,

    Oh! That’s so endlessly lovely that I can’t stop staring at that tiny little hand holding on yours! I’m sure he knows that his daddy is there for him and he surely will be there for you too, going stronger every day and with the eternal protection of his angel mother Robyn.

    Keep the good news coming, Dylan. I’m here praying for you both.

    Greetings from the south of the world,


  19. Janice @ Life Begins at Thirty, RIght?’s avatar

    That is excellent news!! I’m happy to hear you will be posting updates here – being a new parent is so incredible and scary at the same time and there are a lot of us out there who would love to support you in any way we can! Keep holding that little miracle’s hand :-)


  20. Leigh Ann’s avatar

    So glad little Iver is doing so well. Hugs and prayers for you both from Kentucky.


  21. Maëline’s avatar

    I can’t find word to describe how much touched i was after reading about your story … It really brought me tears to my eyes … Your wife has been incredibly strong , and so have you and Will be. You are amazing , your son can be very proud …
    You are wonderful …
    Love , from france


  22. Tricia’s avatar

    What a strong little hand. Sending love and best wishes from Australia to you both.



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